Saturday, October 06, 2007

How to get something good out of a bad habbit?

Did you ever wonder why you started smoking anyway..?
Well I did.
I found a cool way how to get something usefull out of that bad habbit.
( This does NOT mean that you should start smoking, you can always ask a smoker for his "left overs" )

Supplies needed:

* Knife
* Little piece of cardstock
* 1 12x12 Paper
* Glue
* Marker
* Tobacco box

Get started by deciting the hight of your tool-holder, I made mine about 10 centimetres.
Cut the top of the box.
When you're done it should look something like this.

Now take your patterned paper and cut it into two pieces, each piece should be about 6 inches in hight.
You have a large piece "hanging" over the top of your box but you understand why later :0)

Now glue the pieces to your box.
With my box I had a pretty large piece that covered the other piece of paper, in my opinion it only helps to make it stronger so I left it there.

The next step should be done when your glue is still wet.
Cut the paper on the top corners ( all four of them ).
Quickly fold them into the box, quick so that you don't need any new glue.

Now you should have something like this:

Put your box away to dry.

Now we need the little piece of cardstock.
Make a little cross of it by cutting both pieces of paper half way.
Then fold them together.

It should look like this:

We need this cross for holding our pens or tools where we want them to be.

Check if your box is dry, if so you can put the little cross insite the box
You might want to glue it to the bottom.

Our box is done so far.
You can embellish your box the way you want.
Try some ribbon, rub-ons, small pieces of paper, paint, stamping.... or anything you like!

I did not embellish mine because I wanted to give them away ( I let the owner embellish them in the way they want the box to be. )

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